Pets in Austin apartments

Dog parks, info or pet rent, pet deposits and fees, pet references, breed and pet type restrictions, etc

Pet Facilities
Many apartments now offer pet facilities including dog parks, dog washing stations and access to running trails and parks.


No Breed Restriction Apartments

An expert in Austin apartments without breed restrictions, we can help you find a no breed restriction apartment no matter your pet's breed or weight.

Many of the luxury apartments we will show you are pet friendly so you don’t have to worry that your furry friend will make it difficult for you to find a new home.

I have a dog and a cat! 

Typically deposits are around $300.00-$700.00 per animal. They can go higher on occasion. Usually the bigger the deposit the more likely they are to make arrangements for a payout. Half of your deposit is usually non-refundable.

I have three dogs

Most apartments will only work with two pets. Occasionally you will find apartments  for people with three even four dogs. But its totally at the manager's discretion. Call your local apartment locator and see if someone is working with that today.

Can I break up the pet deposit into installments?

Many apartments will allow you to pay out your pet deposit usually in installments (usually 2 or 3 payments)  .On the other hand there are apartments that want the pet fee up front.  Typically a portion of the Pet Fee is non-refundable. Your locator will let you know before you go looking.

My dog weighs 85 pounds. 
There are many apartments that are dog and cat friendly. Almost every property for lease will have weight and breed restrictions. Apartment finders in your local area will keep all that on a database and can easily find an apartment for you and your pet...even if he/she weighs 200 pounds.

Pet Deposits 

Typically consists of a pet deposit and a pet fee. The deposit is in addition to your standard deposit and is refundable. The fee is not.

Pet Rent
Most apartments now charge pet rent. Is is normally between $10-$20 per pet per month.

Pet Amenities
Many apartments now offer dog parks, dog washing stations and access to running trails, green spaces and parks.

Pet Parks
ore and more apartments are building pet parks

They told me my dog was considered an aggressive  breed! 

Agressive breeds are typically considered Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids, German Shepherds, Dobermans and Chows. Mastiffs and Akitas are also considered "aggressive breeds" in many properties. If its a mix and looks like a pit, they will consider it a pit. Many apartments also have restrictions on Boxers. There are a number of  Austin apartments that are breed friendly. Some properties will take a German Shepherd, but not a Chow. Other properties will do a pet interview. No property can deny you if its a service dog, however you must prove it. Call us and we will let you know who will work with you and your dog.

What about my aquarium and/or my bird? 

You're in luck...Typically no pet fees, no weight limits, no breed restrictions. 

I have a Ferret, Mongoose, Lizard, Mouse, Turtle, Rabbit,Snake, or other exotic critter! 

Locators rarely run across exotic breeds. In all likelihood its because nobody thinks to ask about it. Which is probably a good idea. Apartments hate Ferrets for some reason. Most exotics are caged or live in an aquarium. Normally its not a problem. If you have a ten foot Boa constrictor, be assured they will want to know about it. 

There are pet friendly apartments in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville and Round Rocks that will take more than 2 pets.

There are properties that have NO weight limits on pets, so even if your dog weighs well over 100 pounds it is okay. There are more and more properties that are seeing the value of building an on-site dog park where you can let your dog off leash to run and play each and every day if you like. There are some apartments that are more affordable than others when it comes to pet deposits. I can tell you exactly how much each apartment charges before you even go to visit the property or consider them as an option. I also can tell you which apartments have walking trails or a park nearby.

Locator comments: 

Most properties will work with your dog and/or cat. But they take weight and especially breed  seriously. We will have a list on their database of apartments that have no weight limit for large dogs. Vicious or aggressive breeds are another matter. Here there are legal liabilities and very few will work with you. Of course our locators keep up on and it and will know where they are. However, your choices will be limited.

Call us today to help you find a home for you and your furry friend


Louie S.
Dec 23, 2017
When I reached to them I was instantly assured by Monika Sargologos. She was very helpful and friendly. After a brief phone call about what I was looking for she had a place for us within a day or so!! Her first option was the one we chose. It was exactly what I had asked for and for the price I was looking for. I highly recommend them and specially Monika!

Robin Morris
 33 weeks ago
I was so pleased with Jessenia Del Callejo with my search for a place to live in Austin. I am moving from Arizona and from the "get-go", after I was searching online for places, she called and I was able to let her know my preferences to narrow the search and she immediately sent me a list to look over, which I was very grateful for. I visited Austin for a week to vacation a little and look for a place and Jessenia was so flexible with my schedule. She did a great job narrowing down the properties with availability for the time I am planning to move and that saved a lit of time. After only 2 days of looking at about 7 properties, I narrowed it down to 2 and then made my choice after returning to my first choice for a final look. One day after I returned to Az, I received approval to lease the property I wanted. Without Jessenia showing me around, being flexible, and providing her expertise, I am confident I would still not know where I was going to live when I move in to Austin in 5 weeks. Thank you Jessenia!

Marques H
 36 weeks ago
Jessenia was great! This was my first move; She made sure to ask all the questions I didn’t, and pushed for promised deals and promotions that were offered. She’s very professional but also makes you feel like family and made sure I was ok after the move. I recommend her for anyone moving to the Austin area.