Broken Leases

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Austin apartment broken lease

I have a broken lease but my credit is good!

Many apartments in Austin use a point system like Saferent or Credit Retriever. If you score in the except range and your background checks out some of them will work with you. But most apartments in Austin will automatically deny you if you owe another property money. All the more reason to call us. Applications can get expensive!
I've made payment arrangements. Why was I denied?

Most rental properties in Austin want your broken lease paid in full before they will accept you. Luckily there are some Austin properties that will work with payment arrangements. What this means is you go back to the property you broke your lease at and tell them you want to pay off your broken lease. The arrangements can be $20, $30, $50 a month, and maybe more. Whatever you agree on with the property manager. NEGOTIATE... Make your first payment and get a letter stating that you've made arrangements to pay off your broken lease. Then with that letter... off we go to the apartments around Austin that will work with you. It is important that you continue making payments or the property will put it right back on your credit.

Many people hear the term broken lease and they think it means you left the lease early, that is not necessarily correct. Sometimes people may stay until the end of their lease contract but they didn’t give notice that they would be moving. Since the Lease contract states that you MUST GIVE NOTICE (usually 60 days)  to move, you will end up with a broken lease and will be charged either 30 or 60 days rent, depending on how much advanced notice is required. The amount you are charged may increase dramatically onver time depending on additional fees accessed.

Another way to earn a broken lease status is to leave something in the apartment after you leave, or damage the property. Since doing any of these may be in violation of your lease agreement you will have earned a broken lease.

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