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Many people have damaged credit. We can help you find the apartment communities and management companies that will work with your particular issue and give you a 2nd chance.

I have a bankruptcy! 
Every apartment will check your credit. There is no such thing as a "no credit check apartment" With a bankruptcy almost all  Austin  apartments require that it be discharged. Many of them will work with you, if its two years old and you have re-established credit. Most apartments in Austin will deny you for a bankruptcy, particularly newer properties that score so heavily on credit. Call us for help.

We have many nice apartments that will work with an OPEN or CLOSED Bankruptcy chapter 7 or 13. Normally it’s more difficult to work with a recent (within the last year) bankruptcy. However, there are options and you don’t have to sacrifice an apartment in Austin in a nice area with good schools.

I owe a utility company! 
Most apartments in Austin Texas will deny you for this. The reason is for one thing you can't turn on the electricity when you move in. Many times utilitiy companies will allow you to turn on the utility with an extra deposit.

I have a foreclosure! 
Many properties look at this in the same way they would a broken lease. If you have re-established your credit they are sometimes a little more forgiving. Newer properties can be tough on this. Call us.
We keep a list of Austin apartments that will work with you. 

I have a foreclosure on a  home! 
They will look at it as a broken lease. If your credit is good they can be a little more creative. Call us and we'll help you out. Many Austin apartments will give you a second chance

I owe a bunch of medical bills and a student loan! 
You're in luck. On most apartments for rent in Austin these are not counted against you, but not all of them. Ask us for details.

I have a broken lease and background issues can you help me? 
 yes...We work with several very nice properties that will give you a 2nd chance.

I don't have a clue what's on my credit! 
If you've been denied credit in the last 60 days you can get a free credit report. You can also do this online You will be receiving a free credit report starting this year. YOU HAVE TO ORDER THEM   www.annualcreditreport.com

They told me I have too many inquiries on my credit report! 
Believe it or not you can be denied housing because of inquiries on your credit report...... Almost always its in newer properties that score so heavily on credit. This should open your eyes to the way some properties look at your credit report and how seriously they take it. Should this happen to you. Call us ew assure you I have plenty of Austin  apartments that work with inquiries. 

In newer properties credit is huge. Most want a minimum of 75% good to bad credit ratio. In older properties it can be as low as 30%-50% and many properties will hardly consider it at all. Basically speaking if your credit is rough, but your background, income and rental are good. We will have many properties for you to look at.  

Austin apartments have very strict guidelines.  Each apartment will have different qualifying standards. It is vitally important that before you put down your hard earned money, you understand exactly what an apartment is going to be looking for on your rental application.  If your not worried about any of these issues.

So if your looking for a pet friendly apartment in Austin or maybe you're self employed.? Could be this is your first time to rent, or maybe you have bad credit or a broken lease? We address these and many, many more issues on the realities of leasing an apartment in Austin.  We are Austin based and a local totally FREE Apartment locating service and will be more than happy to assist you in your search for housing. 

Bad Credit

Notice: Residential Rental Locators are required by law to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas 78711-2188 1-800-250-8732 or 512-465-3960 Austin Apartment Locators may advertise apartment units in general terms, and all units may not have the same features. The amount of rent quoted may be the starting rent for a basic unit."

I have a broken lease!
The vast majority of apartments in Austin will not work with you if you owe another rental property money or break a rental lease.  Fortunately there are exceptions. The properties that will work with you have different qualifying criteria. Almost without exception the property will want to know you have re-established your rental history. A few of them will want extra deposits and it's usually dependent on how much you owe the property you broke your lease at. Austin apartments go back to the beginning of time when verifying rental history. Even owing a property 10 years ago can easily get you denied. There are, however, rental properties that are not this strict that I can get you into. In many properties its your rental history and background that determine whether are not they will approve you.

I don't have a broken lease, but I owe a property money!
Usually that means you owe a cleaning fee are something along those lines. Again... apartments in Austin Texas will not work with you. But usually the amounts owed aren't that much and you can make arrangements to get them paid off. (see payment arrangements) We have apartments in Austin that will work with you if you owe under $400.00

What are payment arrangements?
Before your broken lease goes to collections you have a window of opportunity to make arrangements to pay your lease off in small AFFORDABLE payments. The manager will give you a letter saying that your making arrangements and many Austin apartments will work with you. There are many, many properties in Austin that insist it be paid in full before they will work with you. We keep lists of properties that work with payment arrangement

I'm getting mail from a collection agency concerning my broken lease!
This means it has been reported to the credit bureau and is now on your credit report. Your broken lease is official. You will have to make payment arrangements or find a rental property that will work with you. When you find yourself here you almost have to work with a Austin apartment locator. Call us. We have apartments in Austin that will work with you.

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Broken Leases

I've made payment arrangements. Why was I denied?
Most rental properties in Austin want your broken lease paid in full before they will accept you. Luckily there are some Austin properties that will work with payment arrangements. What this means is you go back to the property you broke your lease at and tell them you want to pay off your broken lease. The arrangements can be $20, $30, $50 a month, and maybe more. Whatever you agree on with the property manager. NEGOTIATE... Make your first payment and get a letter stating that you've made arrangements to pay off your broken lease. Then with that letter... off we go to the apartments around Austin that will work with you. It is important that you continue making payments or the property will put it right back on your credit.

I have a broken lease but my credit is good!
Many apartments in Austin use a point system like Saferent or Credit Retriever. If you score in the except range and your background checks out some of them will work with you. But most apartments in Austin will automatically deny you if you owe another property money. All the more reason to call us. Applications can get expensive!


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My dog weighs 85 pounds. 
There are many apartments that are dog and cat friendly. Almost every property for lease will have weight and breed restrictions. Apartment finders in your local area will keep all that on a database and can easily find an apartment for you and your pet...even if he/she weighs 200 pounds. 
Austin 3 dogs or cats Pet friendly apartments


I have a dog and a cat! 

Typically deposits are around $300.00-$800.00 per animal. They can go higher.Usually the bigger the deposit the more likely they are to make arrangements. Half of your deposit is usually non-refundable.

I have three dogs and I want a cat! 

Apartments will only work with two pets. Occasionally you will find apartments  for people with three even four dogs. But its totally at the managers discretion. Call your local apartment finder and see if someone is working with that today.

They told me my dog was considered a vicious breed! 

Vicious breeds are typically Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids, German Shepherds, Dobermans and Chows. Mastiffs and Akitas are also considered viscous in many properties. If its a mix and looks like a pit, they will consider it a pit. Many apartments also have restrictions on Boxers. There are a number of  Austin apartments that are breed friendly. Some properties will take a German Shepherd, but not a Chow. Other properties will do a pet interview. No property can deny you if its a service dog, however you must prove it. Call us and we will let you know who will work with you and your dog.

Can I break up the pet deposit into installments! 

Many apartments will allow you to pay out your pet deposit usually in installments .On the other hand there are apartments that want the pet fee up front.  Typically a portion of the Pet Fee is non-refundable. Your locator will let you know before you go looking.

What about my aquarium and/or my bird? 

You're in luck...Typically no pet fees, no weight limits, no breed restrictions. 

I have a Ferret, Mongoose, Lizard, Mouse, Turtle, Rabbit,Snake, or other exotic critter! 

Locators rarely run across exotic breeds. In all likelihood its because nobody thinks to ask about it. Which is probably a good idea. Apartments hate Ferrets for some reason. Most exotics are caged or live in an aquarium. Normally its not a problem. If you have a ten foot Boa constrictor, be assured they will want to know about it. 

The service cat!

The Egyptians were on to something. Today its called  Cat Therapy! A letter from your Doctor  or therapist can get your cat in with no deposit. Expect some raised eyebrows and a "Uhhhh...I'll have to talk to my manager " response, but so far no problem. Be sure and tell your locator in advance and don't forget the letter. 

Locator comments: 

Most properties will work with your dog or cat. But they take weight and especially breed very seriously. Your locator will have a list on their database of apartments that have no weight limit for large dogs. Vicious breeds are another matter. Here there are legal liabilities and very few will work with you. Of course your locator will know where they are. However, your choices will be limited.   

We can still find apartments for those with misdemeanors

I have a misdemeanor! 
Most  Austin apartments are very strict about crimes against people (assault) or crimes against property. There are only a few properties that will work with Class A misdemeanors. Many Austin apartments will not work a drug offense. You could be denied for having these type of offenses. Remember, some properties will not accept any drug offenses at all. By the way, no Austin apartment will work with a sex related offense. 

I have a couple of misdemeanors! 
Remember, Austin apartments don't like crimes against property or persons. You could be denied even with one misdemeanor. Several misdemeanors can be a real headache. The way your charge reads can also bite you. Call us and be specific about the misdemeanors. Apartments in Austin like to know "how long ago". 

I have an adjudicated felony! 
An adjudicated felony is considered by the vast majority of  apartments in Austin the same way a felony is ... an automatic denial. There are a few properties, nice properties, that will work with you. 

I have a felony! 
Very few, almost none of the properties in Austin work with felonies . Broken leases and felonies are the number one reason for denials. Some properties will work with older felonies or felonies that are non-violent. DUI for instance or theft by check. Some properties  will work with you if the offense, including probation, are 5-10 years old.