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*We know the policies, qualifying criteria, amenities, & the "ins and outs" of apartment locating in Austin.

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  1. Free Apartment Locating
    Free Apartment Locating
    FREE apartment locating by licensed Texas real estate agents
  2. Arboretum area
    Arboretum area
    Located in the upscale Arboretum area of Austin in the Oak Knoll Village.
  3. Experienced licensed
    Experienced licensed
    Texas real estate agents will find your ideal apartment based on your criteria

New Pet friendly apartments NW Austin

Austin broken lease apartments
Broken lease apartments Austin TX
Maximum of 4 pets allowed  - no size/weight limit..

Surrounded by stunning views of the nearby woods, this apartment community rises in a lush oasis of tranquility and natural beauty complete with a paved hike and bike trail

  • Bark Park
  • 24-Hour Fitness Center with Wellbeats On Demand Program and Spin Bike Room
  • Covered Parking and Private Garage Options Available
  •  Resort style swimming pool with sundeck and BBQ grilling area included.
  • A chef-inspired outdoor kitchen cabana 
  • ​Paved Hike & Bike Trail Access to the Leander MetroRail and Future ACC Leander Campus
  • ​Cyber Cafe Lounge with Complimentary Wi-Fi
Austin apartment finders
Austin apartment locater

Check out our Current Specials

6 to 8 weeks Free!
  • *Limited time offer
  • Fitness Center Maintain a healthy life
  • Kitchens Cook up a storm
  • Local amenities - The Good Life
  • Landscaping - expertly cared for - Always beautiful


Trendy East Austin

Modern Apartments in a new light

Come and discover the very best. Enhanced by its lush landscaping and modern styling, This apartment offers beautiful apartment living in southern Austin, Texas. We are just minutes away from local shopping, major freeways, excellent restaurants, and exciting entertainment attractions. From family eateries to fine dining, from unique boutiques to leading department stores, there is something to appeal to every taste and interest.


Cedar Park’s newest Luxury Apartments 

Discover unique spaces that merge sophistication with comfort. A natural take on contemporary design. an relaxed and exceptional quality of life. Unwind at our resort-inspired pool or step into the bustling city life of Austin.

Community Amenities:
  • *Resort-inspired pool featuring cabanas and wet deck with bubbles
  • *Pool-side outdoor kitchen
  • *Relaxing outdoor lounge area with fire feature
  • *Garage, carport and surface parking
  • *Dual-level fitness center with cardio mezzanine
  • *Wi-Fi access in all amenity areas
  • *Pet park
  • ​*Billiard room

Lat pre

What happened in the Austin rental market last quarter?

Abodo Apartments released its October rent report, taking a close look at rental price trends from September to October 2019 . As the fourth quarter begins for many businesses and real estate companies, Abodo wanted to examine the Q3 2019  trends in Austin — one of the country’s most popular cities and hottest rental markets.

What happened in the Austin rental market last quarter? A few key findings include:
  • Rent prices in Austin increased from July to the end of September by 2.51 percent.
  • The median price of a one-bedroom apartment in Austin in July was $1,154.
  • The median rent price of a one-bedroom apartment in Austin as of the end of September was $1,183.
  • The median rent price of a two-bedroom apartment in Austin as of the end of September was $1,448.
  • Austin ranks as the 24th most expensive rental market in the country.

So, what does this tell us about the Austin rental market as we move closer to 2018?
Austin rent has continued to increase. And it’s difficult to avoid a rent increase when you’re living in the best city in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. In 2017, Austin bumped Denver as the most popular city in the country. With that comes more people. More new residents moved to Austin last year than ever before, and this impacted the rental market in a major way. With demand at an all-time high and rising last quarter, there’s no telling when the Austin market (and popularity) will end.

The rent increases in Austin, in part, have resulted from an influx of new residents. But other factors have come into play as well. Some industry experts have suggested that landlords are feeling pressured because of increased demand for units while inventory is low, thus prices have been on the rise.

Another factor to keep in mind: The U.S. rental market saw historically low levels during the mortgage finance boom and has been steadily shifting to historical norms since the mortgage bust. This boom-bust cycle also impacted new apartment starts. With homeownership rates falling, it makes sense for landlords to continue to raise pricing on their rental units, especially in markets with tighter inventory like Austin.
Overall, it might be a while before residents see relief from these all-time high rent prices.

(*HomePlace Apartment Search broker note: With the new tax laws raising the Standard Deduction, thereby lowering the tax advantages of homeowning for most buyers; renting has become more attractive than buying for many, thus raising the demand and prices.)

Austin Texas Apartment Market Report


Austin Texas Apartment Market Report

4th Quarter 2019 Austin Apartment Trends

    Effective Rent $1,298
    Occupancy 93.2%

    Annual Job Change 28,600 jobs
    Annual Permits 9,484 units
    Annual Demand 8,868 units
    Annual Completions 12,115 units
    Annual number of New Residents 57,395 

4th Quarter, 2019  Austin Performance Highlights
The Austin metro has been a national leader for economic growth for more than five years. 
Broad-based economic gains have fueled demand for housing, which has generated strong revenue growth for the apartment sector, strengthened fundamentals and led to elevated levels of apartment development. 
With tight occupancy, apartment operators have pushed rents, but rent growth levels dipped a bit back in 2014 in response to a growing amount of completions and notable construction pipeline. 
Effective rents increased 5.0% in 2019, 3.6% in 2018 – which was meaningfully lower than the 4.8% hike in 2013. 
Driving the recent slowdown was softness in the top-end of the market. 
 At this point in the cycle, a continued point of strength remains in the middle market. 
However, the question remains whether the overall market can hold up against growing supply volumes.

Source: http://www.realpage.com/mpf-research/reports/austin/

The Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston metroplexes accounted for 60% of the units absorbed in the state for the opening quarter of 2018, and both were in the top 20 of the nation. Dallas/Ft. Worth maintained a flat average occupancy of just under 91% for the year even as nearly 3,900 new units were introduced.
Houston added only about 800 new units and ended the first quarter just under 90% occupied.
Austin and San Antonio each absorbed just over 900 units during the quarter, with average occupancy ending at 89.7% and 88.7% respectively.

TX - Austin
                                                 OVERALL MARKET                                                                     OCCUPANCY     % CHANGE     EFFECTIVE RENT     %CHG       
Dec '18   Dec '19                                                   Dec '18      Dec '19                           
   91.2%     93.2%                              2.0%            $1250        $1298         3.8%
June '18   June '19                                                  June '18    June '19      
 89.8%    92.1%                                 2.6%            $1,216       $1,291         6.2%
June '18  June '17                                                   June '18    June '17
90.9%     90.3%                                 -0.6%          $1,207        $1,216        0.8%    

Apr 18    Apr 17                                                     Apr 18       Apr 17
90.5%      90.2%                                 -0.3%          $1,196        $1,195       0.0%

Apr 15   Apr 16                                                      Apr 15        Apr 16
90.7%      91.7%                                 1.1%            $1,104       $1,173        6.2%


Historical Data on Renting in Central Texas 
* Note: Current rents recently surpassed the previous highest rents in Austin (in June 2000)

Quoted Rents are for 2-bedroom, 2-bath units. Occupancy rates are for all apartments. 

Date                   Average rent           Occupancy rate 
June 2000              $913                           98% 
June 2001               $951                          93% 
June 2002               $868                          90% 
June 2003               $812                          88% 
June 2004               $784                          89% 
June 2005               $811                          93% 
June 2006               $861                          95% 
June 2007               $900                          93%
June 2008               $905                          92%
Feb  2009                $870                          88%
March 2009            $824                           87%
March 2010            $850                           91%
August 2010           $874                          94%
May 2011                 $890                          95%
December 2011     $898                          95%
June 2012              *$953                         95.6%   *finally surpassing the average rent in June 2000 (12 years prior)
November 2013    $1007                        96.0%
March 2014            $1031                       91.8%     
February 2015       $1087                        94.6%
December 2015    $1115                        94.3%
April 2016               $1173                        94.7%      Average rent up 6.2 % from previous year
January 2017        $1193                          93.8%    *Occupancy down for the first time in years
June 2018              $1207                          90.9%
June 2019             $1291                          92.1%  *Occupancy rising
December 2019    $1298                           93.2%
*per MPF Research

Unadvertised Specials

Fenced Yard! Wood floors! Awesome little community in a great location off of Anderson Mill

austin pet friendly apartments with yards
Austin apartment locator
- No carpet! 
- All faux wood, Cali-style floors
- Ceramic tile and back splash in kitchens
- Fresh paint
- Subway tile in showers
- Patios on first floor units
- Pet friendly with puppy bark park!
- Plenty of parking
- Large closets
- BBQ and community area​

2/1 – Super cute, quite neighborhood, near Lakeline Mall- # 10 upstairs, # 15 has a small fenced yard, $995 per month

Remodeled 2 Bedroom $995

pec cr

Spectacular Newest, coolest  apartments
Austin Texas apartment locators offer free apartment locating in Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park TX
Austin apartment locator will find your ideal apartment in Austin
  • 24 Hour Rejuvenating Hydro-Massage
    Massage the day's stresses away 24 hour HydroMassage studio where you can listen to your favorite music, respond to those last couple emails or customize your massage profile and preferences

  • Rare five-star amenities
  • Private chef, weekly socials and a little “you-time” in white-draped, poolside daybeds.
  •  Pet Friendly - 6 cycle Evolution Dog Washing Center - 4 Paws To Play Park
  • No pet weight limit 
  • ​​​Breathtaking Infinity Pool with Million Dollar View
  • Designer Water Garden
  • State of the art cardio and strength center
  • Some units have yards for your pet!
  • ​8500 SF Clubhouse w/Social Parlor

  • "Second Chance" opportunity for those w/ damaged credit or broken lease!

Northwest Austin apartments, condos and townhomes for rent
Hill country views, 5 star amenities including hydro-massage

1/1 $1040
2/2 $1415
$1000-$1500 off 1st Month

A Lifestyle you deserve!
Breathtaking Infinity Pool with Million Dollar View
Rare five-star amenities
​24 Hour Rejuvenating Hydro-Massage
Private chef

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Apartments in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and Cedar Park, TX

We provide a TOTALLY FREE Austin apartment locator  service by licensed Texas real estate agents.

We are a Local full service real estate company, not one of the automated web sites with a small databases of of available rentals and no true current pricing or availability.

*Licensed by TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission)
*COMPUTERIZED DATABASE of over 180,000 apartments 
*It is  impossible for you to sift through 300-500 Austin apartment complexes, calling to find real time prices, availability and ones whose that match your unique circumstances.
*CUSTOMIZED ONE-TO-ONE SEARCH with our agents spending HOURS working just for you & escorting you to the properties if necessary.-
*UNADVERTISED SPECIALS We receive emails and faxes every day with limited time (even daily) special prices, waived deposits, "Look and Lease" Specials, etc

​Call today for your FREE personalized apartment search Today
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The cutest apartment you will ever have!

Austin apartment specials one month free
Austin pet friendly apartments pit bulls rottweilers
$99 down Austin Cedar Park Round rock apartment specials
One bedrooms starting at $919 for immediate SPECIAL...The cutest apartment you will ever have!
  • $500 off 1st full month of rent
  • $99 deposit | $0 admin | WAC   
  • washer and dryer included in some units

Do you need to prelease an apartment in Austin to be ready when you get here? 

We are experienced in helping people do just that. We will advise you on the local apartment communities,
commute times,  neighborhoods,  and even show you photos & floor plans. This way you can feel comfortable with your decision and secure in your move  without an expensive house hunting trip. 
Just ask us how.

Notice: Residential Rental Locators are required by law to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas 78711-2188 1-800-250-8732 or 512-465-3960 Austin Apartment Locators may advertise apartment units in general terms, and all units may not have the same features. The amount of rent quoted may be the starting rent for a basic unit."

For Immediate Assistance

TREC Consumer Protection Notice

Satisfied Customers

angel summers
 41 weeks ago
Bob Bregenzer was able to help us find an amazing place up in the hills of Austin. I didn't think we'd find anything for the price I was asking and the amenities, but his experience and knowledge of the Austin renter's market and properties proved to be what was needed to find the needle in the hay stack. I had given up, but he was able to think off the top of his head and say, "oh there is this place", he called it up, we drove over, and bam, within that week we signed the lease and love the quiet, affordable, and beautiful place up near the Capital of Texas Highway.

Monika was great!
When I reached to them I was instantly assured by Monika Sargologos. She was very helpful and friendly. After a brief phone call about what I was looking for she had a place for us within a day or so!! Her first option was the one we chose. It was exactly what I had asked for and for the price I was looking for. I highly recommend them and specially Monika!

M B Steven Sargologos
Mar 30, 2017 
Simply amazing. My entire career I've worked for high end hotels and am still blown away by the level of customer service I've experienced here. I never thought I would need help finding an apartment but when it came to specific stipulations, I realized I would need help sorting through all of the options. Steven Sargologos is very good at his job and must have a large amount of resources to be able to do what he does. Persistence and positivity are fantastic traits to have in any customer service job but they save the day when you have to find the perfect home. Highly recommend!!!!

Talia De Leon
Jessenia was my Agent and she was AMAZING. We had everything you could think of and she Managed to get My Husband into a BEAUTIFUL Apartment!!! I don’t know what we would have done without her! Super Friendly! She found him an Apartment Less than ONE HOUR....SPEECHLESS❤️ If you ever need a Real Estate Agent than she’s the one to text/call. Thank you Jessenia for finding us a Beautiful place to call Home!

Dangerous Droid
 13 weeks ago
I can’t say enough good things about Monika Sargologos! She is goddess and patron saint of apartment hunting! I have a pitbull, really bad credit, moving in from out of state, and had a last minute financial skeleton pop up, that I was sure would spell doom. Not with Monika on my side! She got me into a truly amazing place that had everything I was looking for. Not only that, I had another equally amazing option to choose from. Which is remarkable given how bad my situation was. Normally I would have been lucky to be approved anywhere at all. She knows the area, and properties extremely well, and she has great relationships with building mangers, which is so key! Every time I talked to someone from one of the complexes, they always had great things to say about her. Monika was very friendly, knowledgeable, patient, determined, and all around great. Thank you Monika!

Matt Hawken
Oct 10, 2015
I worked with Michelle Ellis and she is amazing. She clearly knows the ins and outs of the Austin area as well the apartment landscape and she is very friendly. She took her time to find out what I really wanted and narrowed it down to a few likely candidates which we then toured. I'm certain this would have been a stressful search had I attempted it on my own but she made it fun. She helped me find the perfect place and better yet she was able to get me six weeks free. Recommend!

Congrats! You got a 5-star review on Google
"Jessenia was awesome to work with and I found my new place in one day!"
 Reviewed by
Audrey G.

5.0 star rating
I worked with Bob Bregenzer at Homeplace apartment search.  Bob was very professional, very likeable and was very considerate of my time.  I would highhly recommend this company and especially Bob.  I just took a job in Austin and had one afternoon to find temporary housing, while I try to sell my home in another state.  Bob quickly found me several options that fit my needs and drove me to each of them to check them out.  I found one that day and was very comfortable with the area thanks to Bob's guidance.  Consumers pay no fee for this service, nor do the apartments jack up the rates for people that use this service.  I think this is a great service for any newcomer to the area.  I wouldn't move here without using them.  It will save you a lot of time.

Peggy Shinn
Jun 26, 2018 Michelle Ellis
Mere words seem inadequate when I consider the great experience and outstanding service I received from Michelle. The task of preparing to move cross country is monumental and highly stressful because there's a long list of things that must be done within a relatively short time frame. Perhaps the most challenging objective I faced was having a place to call home once I arrived at my new destination. Michelle was instrumental in resolving that problem. I was impressed with her desire to satisfy my needs while operating within my budget. Her professionalism, her availability and knowledge of the geographic area was outstanding. She communicated and kept me informed throughout the process. Whenever she identified a potential option she also provided a detailed summary of the surrounding business community, entertainment, and other services which is invaluable when you're unfamiliar with the local area. I highly recommend HomePlace and Michelle if you're in need of the services they provide. Hands down - they are the very best!!!

Congrats! You got a 5-star review on Google
"I absolutely love this place! I wish I can take Anni with me anytime that I move. She felt like..."
 Reviewed by
The InLight

danielle kraus
 12 weeks ago
Monika is THE BEST!

Christopher Davis

 2 days ago Jessenia

My name is christopher davis i had called 4 apartment finders and could not find the right apartment in the right area close to my work and in a good area. I was trying to move my family from san antonio while i was here alone working it was frustrating and Jessenia went to work and found me the perfect apartment and got me a sweet deal. If you need an apartment call Homeplace and ask for Jessenia. She called me back in 30 minutes after i talked to her.

Todd Williams
 12 weeks ago Terri Winters
Terri at HomePlace did a wonderful job quickly finding several great apartment options for us to pick from for a family member. Her speed and professionalism were exceptional from the search to the lease signing. Highly recommended.

Alex Clark
19 hours ago  Jessenia
Jess was Amazing and so helpful! She worked quickly and professionally to get me the most amazing place. Thanks again for everything- I highly recommend this service.

Monika was great!
When I reached to them I was instantly assured by Monika Sargologos. She was very helpful and friendly. After a brief phone call about what I was looking for she had a place for us within a day or so!! Her first option was the one we chose. It was exactly what I had asked for and for the price I was looking for. I highly recommend them and specially Monika!

Absolutely the best locators!
Wow, I had no idea that they were a free service....I stopped in because I was curious, I had been looking on my own, I left with a much better deal in a better location, I highly recommend Home Place!

Bobbie Longorea
 24 hours ago
Thank you Jessenia you were very prompt very quick and we had an apartment within the same week next couple of days you are fast and we are so glad we picked you I would definitely recommend you to others.......definitely!! Bobbie

Where do I even begin? I am blown away by the help and service of Holly. With having to make a move from California to Austin, I felt overwhelmed. Holly stepped in and eased my worries. She went over and beyond to provide me with exceptional service. After flying out to meet with her, she found me the absolute perfect home for us that very day. It wasn't easy, either, since we had a lot of requests!
I am forever thankful to Holly for all her help. Please make sure you save yourself the stress and reach out to her. She will find just the right place for you!

I highly recommend using their services. A+
Dec, 2015
Have never visited Austin, TX and just recently accepted a job here. My agent was
Jim Gattis and was extremely helpful and efficient. Was very personal and determined to find me an apt that fitted my lifestyle. I highly recommend using their services. A+
Maurizio L

Absolutely Amazing
Jim Gattis was absolutely amazing when I was looking for a place to live in Austin! First of all, I am extremely picky and wanted to choose the perfect place that I could live in for years to come. He found that perfect place for me! He never rushed me to pick a place I was not happy with, nor did he try to "sell" me on any apartments. He provided accurate information and facts about the facilities. I loved the experience with him and can't wait to move into my perfect new home in Austin! I can't thank you enough Jim! I highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone looking for the perfect next home! Ask for Jim when you call and he will go above and beyond for you! :)

5.0 star rating

Claudine  Shaw
I am very grateful to have had 
Corry Reed to assist me in finding me a apartment he was very dedicated to his job in helping me he stuck by me all the way until i finally got approved  for a place and i love it i really appreciate how respectful and patient he was with me i give him a 10+ great job

angel summers
 41 weeks ago
Bob Bregenzer was able to help us find an amazing place up in the hills of Austin. I didn't think we'd find anything for the price I was asking and the amenities, but his experience and knowledge of the Austin renter's market and properties proved to be what was needed to find the needle in the hay stack. I had given up, but he was able to think off the top of his head and say, "oh there is this place", he called it up, we drove over, and bam, within that week we signed the lease and love the quiet, affordable, and beautiful place up near the Capital of Texas Highway.

jenny griffin
Jennifer Moss is my angel my family is in the shelter and she found me a place in 2 days. No other locator did that she went out of her way to find me housing. I am so grateful for her without her I would not have a place to call home. Much love Jennifer my family and are forever in your debt.

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